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Praying it Forward

Thank you for joining us in our special prayer focus to prepare for the new church year. Pray at home, work, school, etc.

Day three: 
move me beyond where i am

with Lawrence phipps

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God is Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Let us give God praise for being Creator, God.

Father, I know that in the beginning You created the heavens and the earth. In the new creation You gave Your one and only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life (from Genesis 1:1 & John 3:16).

            Jesus, You are the source of the eternal life that the Father gave. In You and You alone is true life, and Your life has been our Light for almost 2,000 years (from John 1:4). I also know that the Father sent Your Holy Spirit in Your name (from John 14:26).

            Holy Spirit, You are our Comforter who teaches me all things (from John 14:26). Teach me to honor You and to recognize that You live in me and You provide all the power that I will ever need.

            Lord, God, I honor and adore You.



Once we understand who God is, we can more clearly see ourselves. Ask for God to forgive any wrong word you have spoken; any wrong deed you may have done; anything you did not say that God wanted you to say; anything you did not do that God wanted you to do. Claim 1 John 1:9. “Lord, You promised to forgive if I will confess my sins. You are faithful and just and will forgive what I confess and forgive things that I may have done wrong that I did not know or did not remember. Thank You, Lord, for forgiving me so that I can talk and listen to You.”


Today’s Prayer requests:

1.     Pray for God to help you and our church to grow spiritually in ways that are beyond any growth in the past.

2.     Pray for God to help you and our church to impact the communities around us in ways beyond any impact we have had in the past.

3.     Pray for God to lead us to leave our pasts in the past. Ask Him to help us to hold on to traditions that are meaningful and God honoring. Ask God to help us remove traditions that are holding us back.

4.     Thank God, in advance, for moving you and FBGS beyond where we are.


Click the play button below to listen to the prayer:

Opening to Day 3
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Prayer for Day 3
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