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The name Sunday Bible Fellowship is an umbrella under which Sunday BIBLE STUDY groups operate.  Our goal is for you to find your place, make friends, and grow spiritually in Sunday Bible Fellowship at FBGS.

These Classes can be found on the First and Second Floor of the Main Building 

9:30 Classes

Faith - Kathleen Patrick
(Ladies) Conference Room

Legacy Builders - Alan Higgins

Cornerstone - Larry Keys
(Co-Ed) Room 100

Missions - David Harrison
(Co-Ed) Student Room (Elevator, 2nd floor)

Sonshine - Tom Melhorn
(Co-Ed) Room 205

Women of Mercy - Cindy Still
(Ladies) Room 214

Women of Faith - Alice Robbins
(Ladies) Room 108

Four Crosses - Charles Catchings
(Co-Ed) Room 217

Encouragers - Ray Collins
(Co-Ed) Room 207

Berean - Gary McBay
(Co-Ed) Room 213

Fishermen - David Tindal
(Co-Ed) Founders' Hall

Redeeming Grace - Jeannie Bendily
(Ladies) Room 201 

- Nan Hedgspeth
(Ladies) Room 206

Pathfinders - Wayland Blake
(Co-Ed) Room 218


Warriors of the Word - Ricky and Tammy Hudson

(Co-Ed) Room 211

Keystone - Nelson & Donna Leeman

(Co-Ed) Worship Center

10:45 Classes

YoPro (Young Professional) - Chad Watkins

(Co-Ed) Room 205

Epic - Bill & Cathy Higginson

(Co-Ed) Room 100

Islanders - Marty Griffin
(Co-Ed) Room 207

Jars of Clay - Bill & Renee Gilmore
(Co-Ed) Room 219

Tapestry - Alane Stanton
(Ladies) Room 216

M.A.C.E - Henry Battaglia
(Co-Ed) Room 213

 - 7th-12th grade (Upstairs in Student Room)
7th-8th Grade (Randy & Pat Woodham, David & Terry Harrison, Donna Stacey, Russ Polhemus)
9th-12th Grade (Dan Dorrough & Ally Dorrough, Lyn & Caroline Hamilton, David Michaelson, Jennifer Watkins)

 - 5th-6th grade (Room 212) Todd & Lucinda Taylor

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