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Praying it Forward

Thank you for joining us in our special prayer focus to prepare for the new church year. Pray at home, work, school, etc.

Day Two: 
Create in me a clean heart

with Cindy Chandler

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As we begin today, we want to offer adoration to God. “God you are worthy of our praise. You are the creator of this universe and creator of me. You formed this earth deciding on the placement of every tree and still had time to decide on the color of my eyes. You hung every star, drew out my fingerprints, watch every raindrop fall, and give me breath.  Your love for us is greater than I can comprehend. Of all the things I do today, giving glory to You is of greatest significance. I recognize You are in charge of today and I yield to You.”



With Him being in charge, there is nothing we need to hold on to or from God. Are you holding on to something that is keeping you from trusting the Lord 100%? Tim Keller wrote, “Real repentance begins where blame-shifting ends”. Take responsibility for your sins and confess them to the Lord without excuse as you prepare for today’s thoughts and prayer.


Today’s Prayer requests:

1.     Throughout this day, God, bring to mind anything that is causing me to sin against You.

2.     Help me to acknowledge anything unconfessed and make amends with You and others.

3.     Be with our church leaders, protect them as they seek You in guidance ministering at First Baptist Gulf Shores.  

4.     Open my eyes to the world around me to see others as You see them. Prompt me to invite them into Your love.

5.     Set me, our staff, and our church in the right places at the right time to share Your love.


Click the play button below to listen to the prayer:

Opening for Day 2
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Prayer for Day 2
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