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Mission: Orlando 2020

A Precautionary Update


Dear Parents and Students,


I know with the rise of COVID-19 cases across the south, there is concern about our planned trip to Orlando. As we approach the date of departure it seems that things everywhere, including our own county, are getting worse. As far as positive tests go for COVID-19, that does seem to be the case.


With that being said, I want to make sure you are aware of the steps we are taking to increase the safety of our students and leaders for our Mission: Orlando trip leaving out this Monday morning at 6 AM. 


  • Providing cloth masks to be worn in all public settings

  • Limiting the amount of students and leaders on our trip to no more than 30

  • Providing a personal hand sanitizer to have on each person at all times

  • Providing anti-bacterial soap for each room (in addition to what the hotel provides)

  • Eating most of our meals at the hotel to limit public interaction

  • Limiting the amount of times we leave our hotel to only 4

  • Going to a mission site that helps others but is indoors and is only our group (and we are wearing masks)

  • Taking temperature before departure (if over 100.4 student will be asked to stay)

  • Practicing social distancing between ourselves and other guests and parties

  • Having our large group meetings in a sanitized room at the hotel

  • Providing one bed per student for sleeping arrangements (no shared beds)

  • Providing an adult leader to stay back at the hotel if a student becomes ill or uncomfortable with leaving at any time


Our hotel, Cabana Bay Resort, is also implementing stricter guidelines for guests, their workers and the sanitization of their hotel. You can visit their website for a full list of information, but here are a few highlights:


  • Guests, team members and vendors are required to wear face coverings in public areas.

  • Team members and vendors will be required to have temperature checks upon arrival. Those with temperatures of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be allowed to work.

  • Hand sanitizer stations in public areas and elevator landings

  • Enhanced cleaning of guest rooms, meeting rooms and public areas with an EPA-approved cleaner and disinfectant

  • All guest rooms will be serviced after checkout. When possible, guest rooms will be left vacant for 24-48 hours upon checkout, before thoroughly cleaning and checking in a new guest.

  • Frequent cleaning of high-touch areas such as telephones, remote controls, door handles, light switches, elevators, and table tops, among others

  • Guests and staff are required to practice social distancing; social distancing signs and reminders will be in high-traffic areas.


While I cannot guarantee a student or leader does not get COVID-19 (either before, during or after our trip), I can tell you that we are taking every precaution we know of. There are conflicting reports on how the virus is spread, at what point after infection it is spread and how long it takes to develop symptoms. I do not want us to live in fear, but I do want us to be vigilant. Because of the nature of where we live, we already have a high risk of exposure in public settings. I firmly believe our risk is more mitigated with the responses and precautions we are taking for this trip.

Lastly, I believe this is a much-needed respite for our students from the current situations we find ourselves in. We couldn’t meet for months and I know many have been looking forward to getting away together. We need this time of spiritual renewal in our group and that is reflected in the plans Jodi and I have made for the students this week. They will be encouraged to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus, help others and grow closer as a student ministry. These moments are vital in the lives of young people and helps shape who they grow up to be.

Thank you for your trust. I don’t know the future, but I know Who holds it. Pray for God’s protection on our trip. Pray that God keeps us healthy. Pray for our students to be able to focus on what matters.



John Yates, Student Pastor



P.S. Parents, please remember to have a copy of your health insurance information available to your student either on their person or digitally on their phones in case of emergency.